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The First Ice Cold packs were an instrumental component in the teams Heat and Humidity management plan for Beijing. The First Ice Cold Packs were used for pre and post activity recovery cooling. The First Ice Cold Packs’ versatility, length of cooling and ease of use fit well in the demanding environment of the Summer Games.

Lee BodimeadeHead CoachUSA Field Hockey Women's Olympic Team

 I have worked with professional athletes as an athletic trainer and exercise therapist for the past 14 years. In addition, I work with many clients suffering from musculoskeletal pain, athletic injuries, and various conditions. I found FIRST ICE to be the most effective and user-friendly product to help reduce inflammation and soreness.

Liba PlacekPhysical Therapist and Trainer

It actually turns to snow! Never seen anything like it. I didn’t have to remove it from my wrist at all. Did not hurt or cause frost bite.

DianeTennis Pro

Great Product. Tried this for my son’s sprained ankle. Lasts long and forms great – would recommend.



I am an avid runner/athlete and have always used ice therapy for my knees etc. I came across “First Ice” and I’m absolutely impressed! The ice pack actually turns to snow and forms great. I give this product A+ and will continue to recommend it to friends and fellow athletes.


I use cold therapy to help alleviate pain from fibromyalgia. This product is superior to all others I have tried. It comes from the freezer very soft so it does not further irritate already tender muscles. It is cold, but not too cold like every other ice pack I have tried. And, it stays cold for hours. I love it and plan to buy more so I always have one that is ready-to-use. It is also great for back pain.

Fibro Sufferer


I am a marathon runner. I have tried several products over the years, but First Ice is the first product to stay cold long enough and not burn my skin. I use to take OTC painkillers daily after training! I am happy to say that since I started using First Ice, I have not needed to take anything. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

PamelaParent and Runner

The timing could not have been better I had just busted my thumb. The First Ice pack was easy to wrap around my finger and held the chill for long periods of time. It was awesome to place my foot on also. It was like using a bag of peas but better.

Carmen Elliott


This is the first time I have found an ice product that did not clump up or was uncomfortable to lean against. It was smooth, pliable, soothing, did not freeze me, it was very relaxing to use.

Harry Ennis

First Ice is a reusable ice pack, it isn’t made with toxic ingredients, it’s packed well in a thick clear plastic bag, isn’t bulky, molds well to any part of the body that needs to be iced. My husband used it on his back, worked well in a short period of time. I used it on my shoulder, it worked quicker than the blue ice bag I’ve been using (which never molded to the body well to be able to get to that sore spot that needed ice). I highly recommend this product.

Janice Cilluffo


First Ice outlasts other products, because the others thaw out too soon and have to be refrozen while First Ice is still working.

Dot Kershaw

I thought the transformation to a bag of snow was amazing. This product is great for migrains and general aches and pains. It returns to snow in just a few hours and stays cold and snowy for a long period of time. I highly reccomend this marvelous product!!!

Rosa Thomsen


The product is a step up from traditional ice packs which can be too cold to the point of painful and unwieldy to use. First Ice is easy to fold allowing you to reach difficult places and it stayed a good temperature and “solid” for much longer than anticipated.

Amy Collins

This came at the best time. I had foot surgery and was directy by the surgeon to use an ice pack daily for pain and swelling. I found this product very easy to use. It was very soft, lightweight and a perfect size to wrap around an injured area.

Branda Salk