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“SNOW” More Pain

When it comes to pain management, cold therapy is sometimes the simple answer.  It’s an affordable solution that works.  FIRST ICE is the only cold therapy pack with “SNOW TECHNOLOGY.”
FIRST  ICE is a patented product that uses a polymer bead backbone to hold water in a gelatin-like state at room temperature. Once the water freezes, each molecule disassociates from the polymer beads, and the water becomes snow.  Due to this snow technology, FIRST  ICE is softer and more comfortable than any product that has been used over the last 40 years.  FIRST ICE will maintain snow-like cold for up to three hours out of the freezer.  Snow technology makes FIRST ICE a safe alternative to expensive, mechanical, continuous cold therapy, because it provides a therapy temperature of 40-50°F.   With FIRST ICE, the flakes of snow closest to the skin melt quickly on contact, insulating the skin, while the remaining snow melts slowly, to maintain a continuous, yet safe, therapy temperature.
FIRST ICE out-performs many other cold therapy products currently available on the market.  Gel packs comprise the bulk of the market, but last one-third of the time that FIRST ICE does out of the freezer.  The perceived cold for a frozen gel pack can be uncomfortably cold, whereas FIRST ICE has a perceived cold that is comfortable.  No other product on the market lasts as long as FIRST ICE and offers the comfort of FIRST ICE.  FIRST ICE is made in the USA.  Most other products currently on the market are made in China.
Key benefits of FIRST ICE:
•   Reusable within a few hours
•   Safer for the skin than ice, gel or chemical packs
•   Lasts longer than gel and chemical ice packs of same size
•   Soft, light and malleable, conforming to the right shape without decreasing efficacy
•   No leaking or watery mess
FIRST ICE is member tested and recommended by the National Health and Wellness Club. Over 600,000 units of FIRST ICE cold packs have been used in hospitals in the U.S. to date.  Now, FIRST ICE can be in every home freezer in America.
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