How To Use




For the best First Ice cold therapy results, follow these simple treatment instructions:

  • Discuss the use of any cold therapy prior to use if under the care of a medical
  • Read the instructions on the package prior to use.
  • Place First Ice packs in the freezer flat and unstacked with white valve side up for
    at least 3 hours. This allows the packs to properly puff up with snow while freezing.
  • Place a thin cloth between the pack and skin and keep the pack in place using an
    elastic wrap if necessary. Or buy a Deluxe Neoprene First Ice Wrap for this
  • Use First Ice intermittently: 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, or follow your physician’s recommendations.
  • Cold therapy should be soothing and comfortable. If you experience pain while
    using First Ice, discontinue use, or increase the insulation (cloth or wrap) between
    you and the product.
  • After each use, return packs to the freezer for reuse. First Ice will provide superior
    cold therapy for many uses. If you have stored your First Ice in the freezer for a
    long time, thaw and refreeze First Ice to increase fluffiness. First Ice may also
    gradually become less fluffy after repeated and consistent use.
  • Replace your First Ice after long-term, continuous use to keep getting all the
    benefits of “Snow Technology.”

CAUTION: FirstIce will not burn or injure skin tissue, but direct application of any cold pack to the skin is not recommended. Acceptable and recommended application is over a thin dressing. FirstIce is non-toxic and it is not intended for internal use.WARNING: If you are being cared for by a medical professional following surgery or an injury, always discuss the use of cold therapy with your doctor prior to use. Observe skin condition during use. If redness, pain or swelling develops or a change in skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use and contact your healthcare professional immediately.