How long does First Ice take to freeze?

This will depend on your freezer, but it will generally take First Ice about three hours to freeze into snow.

Is First Ice safe to use on bare skin?

We don’t recommend using First Ice on bare skin, but a very thin cloth between the pack and the treatment area is all that is necessary. First Ice is designed to remain at a consistent temperature of 40-50 degrees fahrenheit, which is regarded by most experts as a safe treatment temperature. However, patients with very delicate skin may need a slightly more substantial barrier between the treatment site and the product, and should follow their doctor’s recommendations.

Is the filling inside my First Ice pack harmful to the environment, or if swallowed by animals or humans?

The gel contents of each First Ice pack are completely non-toxic and safe for the environment. If a pet or a child happens to ingest the contents of a First Ice pack, there is no risk of poisoning. In that case, a slight case of diarrhea is the only likely consequence.

Does First Ice come in any size besides 6” x 10”?

The short answer is no, First Ice comes in one size. The current 6” x 10” proportions for the pack have been determined to offer the best, safest, and longest-lasting cold therapy as opposed to smaller or larger sizes.

Why doesn’t First Ice stay soft and snowy forever?

With consistent use, each First Ice pack will wear out a bit and will be less soft coming out of the freezer, but the bag is strong so you can bang it against the counter or even step on it to crush the harder bits. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your First Ice with fresh First Ice packs, to keep getting all the benefits of the snow technology that only First Ice can provide.

Do I need to use a wrap or cloth, or can I apply First Ice directly to my skin?

We seriously recommend use of a thin cloth (or even paper towel) between your skin and the frozen First Ice pack. We donʼt show the use of a cloth or wrap in our photos here, for obvious reasons, but it is best to insulate your skin slightly. A paper towel will do the trick if your treatment site is not compromised in any way (i.e., you don’t have healing sutures or sensitive/frail skin at the site). (see, How to Use)

Is First Ice recyclable?

At this time, the plastic used to create the First Ice bag is not a recyclable version. We are exploring other options to create a bag that is recyclable.