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COLD THERAPY 101 – Post-surgery or – trauma, First Ice Speeds Recovery

Post-surgery and after trauma, cold therapy is recommended by doctors and orthopedic surgeons to lessen swelling, reduce inflammation, and reduce pain.  Swelling and pain can affect the healing process and lead to longer recovery times. Of all the methods of continuous cold therapy available to patients, FIRST ICE offers economy, efficacy and safety.  Motorized continuous cold therapy devices, which pump chilled water around pads placed around the treatment area, are cumbersome, expensive and can be unsafe.  Gel packs and ice do not offer effective cold therapy because they are too cold against the skin and do not last long enough.  Ice can be uncomfortable and inconvenient FIRST ICE is a comfortable, safe, effective, and affordable option for cold therapy post-surgery or post-trauma.

Continuous cold therapy with FIRST ICE is effective because:
  • FIRST ICE decreases swelling in the injured area
  • FIRST ICE slows the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation
  • FIRST+ICE reduces pain by minimizing the ability of nerve endings to conduct impulses
All of these positive effects of FIRST ICE reduce pain and swelling, speed up the healing process and reduce recovery times.
As with any therapy post-surgery or post-trauma, consult your physician or physical therapist before using FIRST ICE or any other cold therapy product.
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